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First of all, those who know me (?) Know that all my life I have been a Nintendo fan (and I will continue to be, of course). Recently I bought the PS4, I had always wanted to try some of its exclusive games (Kindgdom Hearts 1 and 2, God of War 4, Spiderman, Nier automata (Yes, it is also on Xbox but not on Switch, which is my other console), The Last of Us, etc). I will not have much time to play with the PS4 in 1 or 2 months (Hello study, work, Fire Emblem Three Houses and Astral Chain) but I also decided to buy it now so that my brother played Fornite there instead of the Switch (And protect it a little!).

I have to say that having the PS4 has changed my perspective on several things, especially in games that I was going to buy on Switch, I will buy them now on PS4 (mainly for price). Continuing with this, entering the PlayStation Store is amazing, the amount of AAA games at too low prices invites you to buy (Nintendo could learn a bit of this) even if you know you don't have time to play those games at that time. The only thing is that sometimes the store takes a while to load (I don't know if it's just my thing or my internet but then I see my brother playing Apex legends fluently and I wonder what the problem is) and when you enter Looking at the info of a game can be confusing (in that sense I prefer the Nintendo eshop).

I currently have KH 1.5 + 2.5 and Last Of Us Remastered, Overwatch (All Physical), God of War 4 is on the way (I live in Colombia but I bought it on Amazon USA because it is very cheap) and Guilty Gear XrD Rev 2 (One of my most desired games) and SF V Arcade Edition (these last two digital). With the purchase of the SF V, they gave me a theme of Chun Li that is beautiful (Nintendo could also learn a bit of this). Oh and I also downloaded the PSplus games (That Detroit Become Human is a great gift, it also includes Heavy Rain and an art book) and on the Switch I had Horizon Chase Turbo on my wish list, so that saved me . I answer questions. Greetings

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