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Darashiva said:
Yeah, this is just one of the several excuses that periodically comes up and it never holds up to even the slightest scrutiny. For one to even consider the idea that video games are a major cause behind these shootings you'd have to assume that no other country in the world has them since shootings aren't nearly the problem they are in the US.

Even though case studies prove otherwise, and statics of other countries with video games, disprove it.

Politicans need to be called out when they say things that are incorrect.
Esp on a news channel, there should be fact checkers, and journalists that make sure they dont try to pull a fast one.

And correct them when or *if* they do.
Says as much about fox news, as it does that shady house minority leader, that probably took a pay check from the NRA.

Im fine with them saying its a "personal belief, that gun ownership should be right" and such,
but they shouldnt justify tragics on videogames, when its cleary a gun issue.