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Looks like Texas Lt Gov Dan Patrick is also trying to throw the blame on Fox News...

“How long are we going to ignore — at the federal level particularly — where they can do something about the video game industry. In this manifesto that we believe is from the shooter, this manifesto where he talks about living out his super soldier fantasy on Call of Duty. We know the video game industry is bigger than the movie and music industry combined.”

The shooter’s alleged manifesto, an anti-immigrant screed we will not link to, contained a reference to Call of Duty:

Remember: it is not cowardly to pick low hanging fruit. AKA Don’t attack heavily guarded areas to fulfill your super soldier COD fantasy. Attack low security targets.

Most of the manifesto — which was posted to 8chan before the attack but has yet to be confirmed as the shooter’s by authorities — centered around the writer’s hatred of immigrants and a supposed “Hispanic invasion” of Texas.

Patrick noted that the Texas attack was “obviously a hate crime” against immigrants, before rejecting gun control as a solution, instead focusing on why social media and video games are the leading factor behind mass shootings.

“Why are we allowing young people or anyone to go to a website to learn and be killed and be praised to put this manifesto out. Why are we allowing our children… watching video games? Again, larger than the music industry and the movie industry combined. Are we ignoring that? This was maybe a video game to this evil demon. A video game to him. He has no sense of humanity, no sense of life. He wanted to be a super soldier, for his Call of Duty game, so we need to look at all of this and who we are and as long as we continue to only praise God and look at God on a Sunday morning and kick him out of the town square at our schools the other six days of the week, what do we expect? What do we expect? There’s no excuse for this. We condemn it totally but as a nation we have to look at this and leave all of the politics out of it"

So there was barely any reference to a video game with most of the killers manifesto ranting on about illegal immigrants and nation being taken over.  Let's just focus on CoD reference though.  Oh and apparently mass shootings happen because God was kicked out of schools and town squares according to the all knowing Dan Patrick.

Last edited by sethnintendo - on 04 August 2019