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CGI-Quality said:
Nautilus said:

If the OP came to discuss the topic in goodwill, then sure.But instead, he didnt post a single positive thing the government has done, and instead just posted misinformation, either ones that are out of context, or just ones that are at face value not a big deal, but blown out of proportion because of his political views.

Doesn't matter. You can always educate someone who is false/wrong or has presented information that is. I see with this post you've attempted that, but in the future, let it be your first course of action (or report it for misinformation), instead of memes/vids/drive-by posts that don't help a thread along.

@OP: Should the topic contain false info to push a narrative, I advise some corrections (or we'll have to lock and perhaps moderate) to avoid this very situation. Again, that's if.

There is nothing false or wrong in the OP. Everything Nautilus posted was about economy, he didn't debunk a single OP's point

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