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kopstudent89 said:
Unprecedented for a zelda game. It's crazy, I thought that after Skyward Sword the franchise was dead, but here it is competing with Mario for the best selling single player game on the Switch!

That said, I predict Odyssey will beat BoTW when it's all said and done because:
1. Mario games always always still sell well 3,4,5 years after launch. Odyssey I feel will have that.
2. Zelda BOTW 2 will eat away from the original sales. Unless Odyssey gets a sequel, I see BOTW sales trailing off.

STILL, what an achievement! Very well earned for a gorgeous game.

Are 2 type of Mario Bros. Games. 

a) the 3d AAA games.

Frontloaded sales. In 2, 3 years go down very hard. (12-18 million seller type)

b) the 2d AA games

Nintendo doesn't release anymore. Sells the entire generation. Last One: New Super Mario Bros. Wii. (30 million seller type) 

All other successors "new" formula it's the second team B Game with bad innovations. 

Are 2 type of Zelda Games

a) the classic open-world (rudimentary) Zelda and BOTW combat and exploration oriented.

Sells the entire generation. (BotW maybe will sell 20M+)

b) Aonuma's Zelda puzzle-oriented. 

Sells badly, unless have AAA investment and great concepts. 

Last edited by Agente42 - on 01 August 2019