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Generation 2 - Adventure (probably), but I also played H.E.R.O. a lot.

Generation 3 - The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. 3 got so much play it's hard to tell.  One of those 2.  There is an off chance it was Final Fantasy 1 or Ultima 4 though, just because RPGs can get played a long time without it feeling as intense as an action game.

Generation 4 - There were several games I played a fair amount, but nothing clearly dominated: Super Mario World, Super Castlevanina, A Link to the Past, Actraiser, Final Fantasy II (4), Shining Force

Generation 5 - Final Fantasy 7, easily

Generation 6 - Final Fantasy X (probably)

Generation 7 - Both New Super Mario Bros and Civilization Revolution got about 500 hours of play.  One of those.

Generation 8 - Hyrule Warriors, easily

Generation 9 - either Breath of the Wild or Puyo Puyo Tetris on the Switch

There are also some PC games that I sunk so much time into that it would put my time into these console games to shame.  Final Fantasy XI would be the biggest one though.  I put thousands of hours into that.