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Cerebralbore101 said:

Why the heck can't Steams pricing be more like Nintendo's digital pricing? You pay $100 for two game passes, and then get 5% back in Gold Coins. So you are paying $47.50 for digital versions of Switch games. That's pretty fair IMO. But NOOOoo! Steam has to be special! There has to be fake, B.S. pricing that isn't anywhere near what the developer intends to sell the game for! 

P.S. Key Reseller sites are not an answer. I prefer to support devs rather than ripping them off, and making them deal with CC chargebacks. 


First, personally speaking, I never want to deal with buying "points" or "gold coins" or whatever again. I pay money directly and I get a product in return, that's what I want.

Second, this rant doesn't make much sense. The publisher sets the price, not Steam.

Retail price drops are often the result of retailers needing to move stock, not publisher intentions.  Retail has factors that apply only because the product is in physical form--digital conforming to the same structure and rules would be from emulation, not necessity.  If you want to complain to someone about digital prices, complain to specific publishers.

Lastly, since sales happen constantly and all I need to do is put a game on my wishlist to get a notification, not just from Steam but also other online distributors, I don't have much problem with this.