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Steam doesn't set the prices for all those games, that's down to the devs and publishers themselves. This means that SE, and all the other pubs, think that NA, a game that's two and a half years old, is still worth $40, but hey, I see this with all the Japanese games listed on Steam, because Japan, like Nintendo, doesn't like "devaluing" their games (for some greedy reason I'm sure).

I either wait for a sale, or I simply use third party key sites like GMG, which even end up offering me a better deal than what I'd find on Steam, or even during a sale.

Steam sales stopped being fun after they got rid of flash and daily sales, mostly because of devs not making as much during said sales, because you'd end up getting games for such an amazing deal. Now it's the same sort of sale that every other games client offers, as well as consoles in some regards.

Just look for third party key sites, and clients like GoG as well.

If you want to point the finger at someone, do it at the greedy publishers.

Also, as a side note to EGS exclusivity deals, I can assure you that when those games do come to Steam, the devs/pubs will be asking full price. THis will especially be the case for Borderlands 3, and that won't even come with all the DLC trimmings either. 

Last edited by Chazore - on 30 July 2019