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RolStoppable said:

There's a thing called the Panasonic Q which was a GC with the ability to play DVDs. It sold much worse than the Xbox in Japan.

By the way, you are acting oddly forgiving for the Xbox. In your first post you mentioned Xbox third party exclusives and then pointed out that they weren't exclusives because they were ported from the PC. In the recent post you excuse the Xbox's lack of games with its low sales, but apparently that didn't matter for the GC. Instead you try to put the blame for low GC sales on its storage medium. You've hung out too much in PS-centric forums if you believe that the storage medium has that much importance. It's not an uncommon belief; after all, the vast majority believes that the Nintendo 64 would have gotten Final Fantasy VII if it had used CDs as storage medium, but the reality is that Sony paid off Squaresoft and that would have happened regardless of the storage medium that the Nintendo 64 used.

$377 dollars for a Panasonic Q though. 

Yeah my bad. Those weren't Xbox exclusives. No excuse for lack of games on Xbox. Just an explanation. OG Xbox wasn't a very good system. Lack of games and all that. 

Low sales cause lack of games, and vice versa. Never been to a Sony-Only forums. Been a Nintendo fan since the N64 and only got a PS2 in late 2005. 

Sony paid off Squaresoft? Source?