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Jaicee said:
Is it possible to delete a thread? I feel like I can already see how people are going to collectively take the OP and that it was a mistake to post it.

I wish you didn't delete the initial post, because I think comparing American animation to Japanese animation is a fantastic idea.

And even if what you said has a lot of detractors or doesn't make a lot of sense, people could dispel those beliefs through conversation.

I, myself, don't see all anime as power fantasies. Going by the comments on here, I think that's the biggest takeaway most people got from your post, even though I would like to have read what you think about American animation, specifically.

However, I will say that most of the anime I have seen share some things that American animation doesn't: they're usually expressions of Japanese culture so the writing, dialogue, etc. feel "off" to the non-Japanese/non-otaku viewer.

Not saying it's a bad thing. I intend on visiting Japan, because I love the food, their attention to quality in most things they do, and my childhood best friend who is half-Japanese has lived their for the past decade.

But the heavy handedness that comes with the cultural stuff is just not my bag for the most part.

I'm a huge fan of One Punch Man and Mob Psycho 100, specifically because they don't feel so "Japanese" if that makes sense. So I am open to any suggestions of anime/manga that have less of a cultural tone. I'm not talking about the concepts, although those are typically Japanese in tone too, but the general tone and motivations. Very soap opera like (or melodramatic) which doesn't appeal to me.

I also liked Akira, Dragon Ball (not z or after but the original one, because it was more comedic than power fantasy), Rouroni Kenshin, most of Miyazaki's work, Inuyasha, FLCL, Monster, Ninja Scroll, Junji Ito's works, and more I can't name off the top of my head.

But I most enjoyed Satoshi Kon's works. All of it is impeccable in quality, tone, pacing, etc. Instead of the melodramatic vibe I get from most anime I've tried to watch and failed, his works are like American dramas but with awesome animation.

Generally, I enjoy American animation for the comedy. Things like Family Guy (seasons 1-4), American Dad, Rick and Morty, South get the point. They are more reflective of a culture I can relate to and I am more a fan of laughing over crying.

But Pixar, Disney, and other American studios (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is a fantastic recent example) have given me the option for heart felt stories that don't have cumbersome dialogue, and/or exploitive sex/power fantasies.

Not saying that is all Japanese animation has to offer, because I named a decent amount that don't do that. But I find a lot do and can see why it's a turnoff to others who don't seek out the works that don't.