JRPGfan said:

I want to see a Switch 2 release, with a newer ARM Soc, both in terms of tech inside (than the Tegra x1) and a chip thats 7nm.
Thats all Nintendo needs to do to keep being succesfull going forwards.
Keep the same design, and just mirgainal improve on everything where its possible (due to hardware advancements).

Hopefully Nintendo isnt asleep at the wheel, or decided to pull something stupid.... and Next console from them, is a Switch 2, at around 2022-2023.

(yes I want them to keep the same name, and add a number! Switch + 2 = done! No more Wii vs WiiU situations with confusion)

Totally agree with you.

Also, if Nintendo could add extra power to the dock of Switch 2, for example a second gpu that works in SLI with the other gpu in the portable hardware, that would be totally awesome! Switch 2 would have a significant boost in performance when docked.

Among other things, they already have a patent for this.