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curl-6 said:

Retains the advanced graphical features of Wolfenstein II, but the addition of a co-op partner makes it even more demanding.

- Dynamic Res: Full 1080p down to 1440x1080 (75% of Full 1080p) on base PS4, Full 1440p to 1726x1440 (68% of full 1440p) on Pro.

- Targets 60fps, but isn't locked; hits 30fps at worst on base PS4 and 45fps at lowest on the Pro.  

- There's an "aggressive" setting that pins resolution at the low end; it still doesn't lock the framerate, but does improve it somewhat.  *60fps is kept almost always on this mode, saying "it improves it somewhat isnt correct, its more than that"

Those lows (1440x1080 & 1726x1440, are the rare lowest resolutions it ever hit under testing)

The PS4 pro keeps in the 55-60 fps range like 90%+ of the time, that drop to 45 fps was again a rare thing.
Same thing with the normal PS4.

He uses the words "60fps is reasonably met", and under the test with the graphs where he shows it running at its worst, its not as bad as you make it out to be.