I couldn't see it clearly before, how could Nintendo begin their next console mid console race.  I personally thought it was going against the grain entering so late in the game, which would eventually end in their demise over newer consoles that is the PS5 and Xbox4(at least in sales.)  But that's no longer how I see it.  Nintendo had again innovated within their company so quietly, and so seamlessly without much notice not this year, but around 6 years ago.  What am I getting at?  At least for me, I think the Switch Pro, whatever it's going to be, is going to compete on par with PS5 and Xbox4 in terms of sales, (which is really what counts in every generation -.0). 

So Nintendo did this thing that makes you believe that consoles matter, or at least the name of it.  They're doing something in the console market that's not easily defined, although Sony has been perfecting the craft for over 24 years.  They named a console, but then took out what it's intended to do.  It's something like the 3ds, after awhile the 3d aspect of it was taken out and it was just a Nintendo handheld device, but more powerful than what it was for in the first place.  Switch now is the 3ds.  Except that it sells lots of consoles, but you're not dividing console sales between mobile and home consoles, it's under one flag called Switch...in September.  That rumor about there being another handheld replacing the 3ds; it's the switch Lite, i mean, it doesn't play on TV its a handheld.  And they kinda did this thing where it's so quiet, that there isn't an uproar or backlash with it being another DS, without the DS history.  They kinda gave us the old bait and switch, along with a whole industry that is not even mentioning it. 

So now they had opened themselves into a field where they would still command a whopping lead over their rival console generation, continue to sell competitively well with Switch Pro against Next Gen consoles, made us buy another handheld console along with their home console combo(you know you people who are going to buy a lite because you think having a Normal switch and lite switch make you think you're cool), they are hiding their sales of hardware with what is technically a combination of mobile and home hardware.  Also, the 3rd party are there, which I am guessing and hoping Nintendo can continue to do with next gen games that come out for ps5xbox4.  I'm sure not every game, but games like wolfenstein 2 and 3, DQ Builders 2, mortal Kombat 11, and they're even selling.  I mean, Marvel Ultimate Alliance is performing well, still early but could track 3rd selling switch game all year and as of this moment it is currently an exclusive.  Then Nintendo did what it was never able to do, which was to shed it's Nintendo is for Kids company(which deserves its own thread). 

This move of entering the generation late is not primarily the reason why they are succeeding, but it sure does make me feel foolish for thinking it was a bad move on their part when they had first announced it officially.

Bravo Nintendo, you bastards.