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As everyone know, there is a conference hold by Nintendo and Tencent at Shanghai August 2nd at 9:30 am local time...I can't find anymore the schedule but it looked like a 3 hours event with multiple parts in the program. This is not to announce that the administrative process has failed, or to tell that the Switch might come to China in 2025.

They will announce an imminent launch and they planned to announce it in loud conditions (physical event)

Just at the bottom of this goddamn picture, we see the upper part of the table which contains the schedule detailed, impossible to find anymore the complete view.

So if I share my personnal estimations, without China, and in considering that the Lite will have a succesful launch (with sticks fixed quickly...), my last number had increased to 120 millions of shipped Switch worldwide. This would give 40 millions for North America which count for 30-35% of the total.

There might be 400 millions of potentiel chinese consumers, who have a similar purchase capacity as Western Europe and North America, but people there were not especially waiting for Nintendo's latest big product...There might be still a lot of energy to spend for Nintendo to develop the sales there.

So my estimation goes for a good 12 millions for China, which would increase the global shipment from a 120 to 132 millions for me.

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