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Bristow9091 said:
tsogud said:
7/10 I liked it, haven't listened to that genre in awhile but it was good, could've went a lil harder though.

Never heard of Absofacto before, but really enjoyed the song, it's got a nice steady beat going, and it sounds fun, easily something I could listen to regularly, gonna' check out more for sure! 8/10

Also I've quoted you in hopes you'll reply next, since you said you think the last song could have gone a little harder, here's a different song from the same album, it's on the heavier side in comparison, I just love the album as a whole!

Woah, did not expect that coming off of the other song. 8/10 I love a good song like that. I'd have to check them out now, they seem pretty talented to be sure.

And yeah I really enjoy Absofacto's music it's nice music to chill to.

This song's from an artist that's in my top ten musicians of all time. The song's pretty slow but the melody, her vocals and the lyrics send me on a trip.