CrazyGamer2017 said:
Ganoncrotch said:

You should be aware that every species that we know of fits into a chain and we're at the top of ours, the apex predator, chances are if there is Aliens from another planet they're just as likely to have been the most successful at war to get to the point where they're able to consume their planets resources to fly into space.

While you have a point, I want to believe that such creatures while violent and primitive at first (like we are now) evolved beyond all that bellicose nonsense and acquired wisdom by defeating ignorance (as I hope we do too one day in the far future). So that by now such creatures may be full of benevolence and enlightenment and only seek to further themselves while respecting the universe they live in.

No species would ever be 100% benevolent, because thats statiscally impossible.While you may be more of a peaceful species, there will always be the one that was born a sociophatic, that wants things that are not seen well by the society, and thus he will push back.And some will even resort to violence to get that.And for those, the society at large will need to have some kind of security measures(armies or police with weapons) to keep order.

To everything, there is always the opposite side.Which is why complete peace or complete chaos is simply impossible.

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