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JRPGfan said:
Farsala said:
MS isn't moving away from HW though. And they are the first of the big 3 to announce plans into new next gen HW, because they want their brand more focused on HW. Their actions over the last 10 years had a marked shift from providing good SW choices to a more HW focus, starting with the kinect. I would also include Accessories (kinect) and controllers in the HW category. They often provide interesting controller choices and even aired a commercial during Super Bowl 2019 about controllers and not SW, as is often the case with Sony and Nintendo commercials. We also always hear rumors about MS's focus on HW, for example "power of the cloud!" Sony makes a lot more SW deals than MS, as well as makes a lot more SW. MS's least focus is SW.

When the head of xbox says he doesnt care about hardware sales anymore.
When theres rumors of a streaming box (project lockheart).
When theres no console exclusives anymore (things going to pc as well).
When Xbox starts makeing PC exclusives, more so than Console exclusives.
When Xbox head, says they want Gamepass on other platforms.

It all starts to point to atleast a decreased focus on (their own) hardware.

Yes its too early to say, MS will do completely away with it.
However signs point to a future where that probably happends, going by current trend.

"We also always hear rumors about MS's focus on HW, for example "power of the cloud!"

Thats not a hardware focus (their own console sold to consumer).
Thats saying "you consumers dont need powerfull hardware, you can just stream it from a server"
To me thats the oppersite of HW focus by MS.... it points to moveing away from it.

Also WTF does controllers + kinect, have to do with MS staying console hardware focused?
Controllers are high profit margin products..... MS is just makeing a easy buck.
They will probably still make controllers, even if they decide to not make physical consoles anymore.

Though I suspect kinect isnt going to have any future going forwards.

It is obvious that they are service focused first. All I am arguing is that they focus on HW>SW. At least right now they are. Servers are definitely hardware, so if they are focusing on cloud farms, then they are focusing on hardware. Correct me if I am wrong, but controllers and kinect are both hardware.