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I've been saying the same thing as the OP for along time.

MS see's themselves as a service provider. Their hardware + software, is there to sell you into their services. Dont care about selling hardware or software anymore, just want to lock people into subscriptions. Probably want to do away with hardware, and get you locked into streaming.

Nintendo see's themselves as a game dev. Their hardware is there to run their own games, and they potentially see other game devs as competition.
(ei. they dont want too much 3rd party support, okay with smaller indies being there though (they arnt real competition to nintendo own stuff)).

Sony see's themselves as a (hardware) platform provider, they want to sell you their hardware, and profit off of the cuts of selling games on their platform. The more good games, the better. So basically everyone is welcome, 3rd party games ect. They have the "classic traditional" viewpoint.

I also agree with the OP that they have very differnt visions, of what the console does, and where it goes in the future.

Last edited by JRPGfan - on 22 July 2019