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Shiken said:

A poll of 50 people is not very telling at all honestly.  Not to mention we have no way of telling if people are voting to hate (it happens) or if there are double votes.  If that is how you gather information, it is hard to take your  claims seriously.

Also you too need to check my first post (I quoted myself on the previous page for the other guy I am talking to), I stated that it does seem like a wide spread problem.  Just because I point out the hypocrisy of how people jump on Nintendo and not the other console makers that have had this same issue in the past, or other issues for that matter, it does not mean I am saying the problem does not exist.  As you said afterall, your own isolated experience does not mean it did not happen woth other consoles as well.

There are a lot of other polls on the internet...

For example this one:

Thats one from a nintendo centric gaming site, so probably most of the regular readers are nintendo fans. Roughly 50% of the voters (1100 out of 2200 people) have always drift issues with their joy cons, another 25% (around 550) say that they have sometimes issues. Do you really think it's not a widespread problem when 1650 out of 2200 people report issues?