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CD's or FM Radio, since I only listen to music in my car and don't have a mobile phone to stream anything to. 91.5 The Beat aired from Kitchener ON is pretty much what the radio is always tuned on. I have to go to record stores nowadays to buy CDs, I'm back in the eighties! Vinyl has a bigger section than CD, crazy. What else is crazy is that my favorite genre, 80's / 90's techno trance, is mostly vinyl albums mixed on CD.... Those pops, crackles and hiss sound just the same on CD.

Best music is on blu-ray, 7.1 DTS-HD MA, specifically mixed to make full use of surround, can't beat that. But too bad, not much available in that format. The music at the end credits of movies sure sounds good. Movies like Tron Legacy are really only good because of the music. Yet then I bought a CD from Daft Punk and it just sounds flat, no 7.1 DTS-HD MA.