The thing with Sony (just my observation) is that they see what other companies are doing well and they just borrow that.


-PS1 controller was basically just an SNES controller with handles. Added a couple more triggers.
-N64 showed off analog stick (and yes, it wasn't the first analog stick.) Sony creates analog controller.
-N64 shows off Rumble Pack. Sony creates Dual Shock.

-Dreamcast has analog triggers.
-Sony makes every button analog. Microsoft copies. Nobody takes advantage of the feature. Everyone drops it.

-Nintendo shows off motion controls for Wii. Sony adds motion controls to SIXAXIS.

-Ouya (yes the friggin Ouya!) had a touch pad. Sony adds touch pad to PS4.
-Wii remote had a speaker. PS4 adds speaker.

Kudos to Sony for the headphone jack and dual analog layout, home button, share button, L3 and R3 though.

Based on their track record, I suspect they'll add the ability to play with half a controller in each hand. Maybe some VR support stuff.

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