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Spindel said:
I got the physical version of this game a while ago but I have held off playing it because of lack of time and because for some reason I can’t put down Dragons Dogma :P

But anyhow, I just got around to play it and it really is an exellent game. I don’t get the hate from people on this forum for the switch version (I have not played the game, or even seen it, on any other system so I don’t have that point of reference.

As for both the frame rate and supposed input lag the Switch version controlls and feels on spot with a classic Castlevania game (I made a thread a while back where I got a lot of flaming for stating that Castelvania games have always had controlls that suck). So far I have not gotten very far in the game and I have not experienced any crashes and I’ve played it both on the TV and handheld (prefer playing it on the TV with a pro-controller with a real D-pad)

You can't put down Dragon's Dogma because it's the best game ever. There's your reason.

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