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mutantsushi said:
Ljink96 said: These words "blue ocean" and "hard core" like...they mean nothing to me and often serve as PR blanket terms.

You do understand that Nintendo didn't just make up the term 'blue ocean'? It's not a PR term at all, it's a specific business strategy term, it has a Wikipedia page explaining how it was invented by French business professors, and is a real strategy that many companies in many sectors find valuable. Otherwise, if Nintendo's citation of the term makes zero actual sense as you suggest, every business analyst would say they are insane and imcompetent for citing competely irrelevant business strategy. Yet AFAIK that didn't tank their stock price, so alot of business analysts who are very familiar with the technical term "blue ocean strategy" seemd to think it was pretty coherently applicable to Nintendo.

You now say "you don't care what Sony or Nintendo have to say about issue" yet your post I was responding to literally stated "I think this is why Sony isn't acknowledging Nintendo as a competitor." the entire topic of which obviously revolves around what Sony says about the issue. So yeah, when Nintendo cites commonly known business strategy and Sony responds congruently with recognizing that strategy Nintendo cited, it seems rather bizarre to claim the simplest most direct explanation is completely incomprehensible and irrelevant.

I guess I misused PR in this regard, but what I mean is talk when it isn't followed. Words that hold no weight in regards to how they operate in business. I'm well aware of the meaning of Blue Ocean

And yes I don't care what they claim what they do because actions speak louder than words. I'm not someone that's swayed by words and takes words at face value. I don't care what Sony says or Nintendo says because treating eachother like they don't exist and aren't in competition, they're in denial. I told you where I stand and that should be simple enough to understand. The stuff you bring up isn't relevant to my overall argument that both are competitive, for anyone to say otherwise...yeah. 

As I thought more on the topic I became less vague and focused more on what I actually think, that happens sometimes in discussions... So yes I don't care what either says as Nintendo and Sony about how they are or aren't competitors as both have waffled on the situation. And what topic revolves around what Sony says? This thread isn't about the comments sony recently made... to be honest I'm probably getting off topic.