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mutantsushi said:
Ljink96 said:
And I think this is why Sony isn't acknowledging Nintendo as a competitor.

Given Nintendo themselves announced "blue ocean" strategy i.e. not competing but finding/creating own unique niche, what is noteworthy about Sony taking them on their word? I'm not sure why what I assume are Nintendo fans seem to have difficulty comprehending Nintendo's own self proclaimed strategy, I suppose it is simply that "not competing" has negative connotation which they reflexively defend against.

Where I stand is, companies can say whatever they want to "differentiate themselves", but they're all in competition with eachother whether they acknowledge it or not. I'm not necessarily the average polarized Nintendo fan, I follow the industry as a whole, I just have a preference. I don't care what Nintendo or Sony says regarding the issue, cutting to the heart of the conversation and deflecting the BS, they're all in competition with one another. These words "blue ocean" and "hard core" like...they mean nothing to me and often serve as PR blanket terms.

Nintendo can call themselves unique or try to block themselves off as much as they want, but the reality is that they are a hardware manufacturer for video game software as is Sony and Microsoft. They're not in a "Nintendo Gaming Market" where they have 100% market share. Nintendo was compared to Sony and Microsoft during the Wii era, the Wii U, and now the Switch. We compare hardware numbers, NPDs, YTDs, Aligned Sales, etc. between all hardware because they're all in a competitive ecosystem. There's not an imaginary "Nintendo Only" barrier. There were consoles with power gaps, age gaps and similar and different software and demographics in the past...they were still competitors. I am not sure why that's too difficult of a concept to grasp to be honest. 

If there are people that truly believe that they aren't in competition, then I struggle to see why there are Switch chart comparisons to begin with. Just for the heck of it?

Edit: And for what it's worth there's plenty of interviews where Nintendo refers to Sony and Microsoft as direct competitors and not their competitors at the same time. Their words hold no water, they say what feels right at the time. The art of PR talk. 

Last edited by Ljink96 - on 05 July 2019