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Random_Matt said:
DonFerrari said:

Yes certainly we would have better graphics if games were focused on X1X and Pro instead of the base model.

And my fear for MS is that they keep X1X "current" as the new base model (which would be a double issue as it have more expensive solutions so they wouldn't win much on price) and limit what they can achieve on Scarlet, which also can be a problem on the rumor that Anaconda (or whatever is the name of each version) would be a 1080p version of Scarlet for same game and rest of performance about equal.

Also that reply to HollyGamer and ManUtdFan (you buying a 1080p won't make devs decide you should be the focus =p). Pro and X1X had the options for performance or graphics because they were just "scale" adjustment for baseline, so they made that baseline version and took the simple approach of offer just higher FPS or pixel for the games. But when they milk all for PS5 you won't have choices.

That's exactly is MS plan, all xboxes as low as the S will play everything.

That will be a very bad thing imho.

PS5 exclusives will be much better visually than Xb4

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