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ManUtdFan said:
Barkley said:

Lol no, I'll be surprised if many games even bother, but for those that do even ignoring the Ray Tracing you'll have substantial upgrades in other areas. The main thing the extra powers going to be wasted on is 4k. Would much rather have 60fps standard than pushing for 4k resolutions.

Agree. 60fps should take priority over 4k. I didn't have budget to get expensive 4k tv recently, so i settled for cheap but quality 1080 instead. 

I wonder still, are we going to get blurry trees, mountains and buildings in the far background?

You better buy PC monitor with 1080p and  120hz refresh rate  for next gen if you planned to buy either of two, because i bet they will allow us to choose between performance (choosing frame rates over resolution) like with PS4 pro and Xbox One X. And PS5/Scarlet will have 120 fps capability with HDMI 2.1 and freesync. It's more cheaper especially  Freesync Monitor.