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Trumpstyle said:

I just wanna point out that pastebin "leak" is fake which Hollygamer posted. It's just a copy & paste from what the reddit user ruthenicCookie said. He was the first to say Sony would have a small PS5 reveal mid 2019, he also was the first to say Sony wouldn't be at E3 this year. And he said a bunch of stuff about VR2 and PS5 being a monster and targeting $500 price point.

I think the teraflops number will be lower than what people are expecting. A 36CU clocked at 1,6ghz or lower is what we should expect, this is a 7,3 Teraflop gpu and will have a power consumption of 160W including GDDR6 memory. Xbox one X gpu had a power consumption of 150W so we shouldn't expect much more than this.

The gonzalo leak might be true as we now have 4 reports saying PS5 being more powerful than Xbox Scarlett and I expect both console to have 36CU's, gonzalo is likely a 36CU gpu clocked at 1,8ghz (8,3TF) its performance should land just slightly below radeon 5700xt, but I'm sceptical of this as this gpu will pull about 200W that is gpu alone. But Sony might go with crazy clock speed who knows.

Link to RuthenicCookie comments (he recently said in another post PS5 will cost between $500-600):

Actually what  ruthenic Cookie said was almost right. 

1. Small reveal before E3 = Cerny interview with Wired on revealing PS5 and some detail officially

2.PSVR2 = PSVR2 was really in development , and PSVR engineer said it will not come at 2020 , also Sony has a patent for wireless VR head set, VRF and new controller 

3.PS5 being a monster = Yes it's a monster , PS5 test chip Gonzalo on its very early stage able to reach 2070 RTX capability and performance  on benchmark , if PS5 Gonzalo APU is strong as RTX 2070 using high level API directX,   it mean it will be double it's performance when it was optimize on low level API.

4. PS5 are using Navi, and the result might be 7 to 8. But if we converge this number to GCN , PS5 performance of 7 teraflop already on par with 13 teraflop of Vega 64.

5.PS5 GPU speed will easily achieve 1800 MHz, because it was leaked by an expert and analyze by Digital foundry that gonzalo able to achieve 1800 mhz . Also you need to remember PS5 and Scarlet will release next year, means the chip will be mature, more efficient, better yield , and will require less power, more thermal heat capability than 5700 or 5700Xt that will be releasing this year. And also it's an APU design so it will be much more simpler and smaller.