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Pemalite said:
DonFerrari said:

And since when does those countries in Oceania, Asia and Africa configurate as developed western nations?

Also shifting goalpost to emergencies.

That isn't universal healthcare available to illegals as you were claiming originally.

If they were part of the British Empire which covered almost a quarter of the land area of earth at it's peak... And is a developed nation. (I.E. New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and so on) then it can be regarded as a western nation.


Well. Even here we need to "pay" for some health services, it's still a universal system, often the payments get deferred/bulk billed and the Government picks up the tab unless you exceed a high tax threshold.

That table doesn't really demonstrate if similar schemes are in-place... But considering that the Australian system is built upon the foundations of the European system, I don't see why it wouldn't be.

New Zealand a developed Nation is pushing a little, but South Africa certainly can't be considered developed nation just to skew the number in your favor.

That isn't an universal healthcare, sorry. As bad as it is, universal healthcare is what we have in Brazil. All threatments are available at the public hospital if you are willing to wait perhaps until your death, and the government won't pay (unless some odd cases like a lawsuit demanding it or some partnership) for your use of a private hospital.

Right now the government is even demanding that health insurance reimburse the government when someone (that is already paying taxes, plus the health insurance also pay taxes) that have a plan use a public hospital.

If you have to pay later it isn't free universal healthcare. For emergency even USA when the person is broke will be demanded to attend, and then later will try to recover the money.

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