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Hiku said:
LordLichtenstein said:
    • Suikoden

I was thinking this, since Konami will never do anything with that IP again I bet outside of Pachinko.
But I doubt that would happen either way. And since Sony kind of took in Kojima, it might make Konami reluctant to negotiate with Sony to begin with.

As for Remedy, it's not a studio I'm interested in, but I know there are a lot of Alan Wake fans who want a sequel.

Well, if Sony Playstation can't outright buy the IPs, because Konami still uses them in the pachinko and mobile space, then maybe they can buy the rights to the console/PC space. If you know what I mean?

Konami isn't interested in AAA anymore, so it would benefit both parties perfectly.

Konami and Sony are large companies, not children.