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In my opinion Sony shouldn't focus on acquiring new studios, but instead well established - marketable - dormant IPs. Sony can always outsource its projects, much like they did with Spider-Man. Also, Sony acquiring Remedy wouldn't create the same level of buzz, like them acquiring Metal Gear Solid or Silent Hill.

If I was the head of acquisitions at Sony Playstation, then I would look at some of Konami's dormant IPs. By dormant I mean in the console/PC space. 


  • 1st tier
    • Castlevania
    • Metal Gear Solid
    • Silent Hill
  • 2nd tier
    • Zone of the Enders
    • Suikoden

Can you imagine

  • Kojima Productions
    • Silent Hill (P.T.)
  • Ready at Dawn
    • Castlevania (soft-reboot)
  • Bluepoint Games
    • Metal Gear Solid (remake)
Last edited by LordLichtenstein - on 03 July 2019