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thismeintiel said:
I guess it will all depend on how many CUs they choose to use. If the Gonzolas chip is what is in the PS5, 36 gives us 8.3Tflops, 40 gives us 9.2Tflops, 44 10.1Tflops, 48 11.1Tflops, 52 Tflops 12Tflops, and 56 12.9Tflops.

Personally, with the savings they will receive by waiting a year for the process to mature, buying direct from AMD, and in bulk, I don't see them only using 40 CUs. Not if they are building a $600 box and selling it for $500. By the time they are ready to mass produce the PS5, I wouldn't be surprised if they can't get the CPU they are using, more than likely a Ryzen 7 3700X, for $150 a pop. That leaves quite a bit of room for the GPU.

Trust me i would love to get more CU and more teraflop on PS5, but the reality is Navi GPU die is bigger compared to Vega even on the same 7nm process, and even 36 CU of Navi 10 (RX 5700) the transistor is double than 36 CU on PS4 pro. Also  do not worry the performance of even 7 to 8 teraflop of Navi is equal to 12 to 13 teraflop GCN (PS/PS4 Pro). Not include low level API and optimization that will bring out extra power for PS5 final performance.

But I do believe like you said PS5 were actually planned to release on 2019 but they are canceled and change to 2020 waiting for mature process to 7+ nm or 7 nm EUV process to get  44 to 48 CU fit inside PS5 APU and have 10 to 11 teraflop in compute performance (so in GCN number it's transale to 15 to 16 teraflop) and equal or more than RTX 2080 and close to 2080 Ti. But this is just my assumption, many forum dwellers in resetera and 3D forum are also still in debate weather PS5 will be using smaller Navi 7+ nm chip (7 nm EUV process) to fit more CU and have less power consumption and low temp. We can just cross our finger and hope for it.

But Alas Teraflop is not everything , as long it perform slightly better than RTX 2070 or close to RTX 2080 this console is already super beast even for 499 USD. Just let lower our expectation to reality so if it's in the end PS5 is getting 48 CU it will make us even happier due to our less expectation.  

Last edited by HollyGamer - on 02 July 2019