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I guess it will all depend on how many CUs they choose to use. If the Gonzolas chip is what is in the PS5, 36 gives us 8.3Tflops, 40 gives us 9.2Tflops, 44 10.1Tflops, 48 11.1Tflops, 52 Tflops 12Tflops, and 56 12.9Tflops.

Personally, with the savings they will receive by waiting a year for the process to mature, buying direct from AMD, and in bulk, I don't see them only using 40 CUs. Not if they are building a $600 box and selling it for $500. By the time they are ready to mass produce the PS5, I wouldn't be surprised if they can't get the CPU they are using, more than likely a Ryzen 7 3700X, for $150 a pop. That leaves quite a bit of room for the GPU.