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Lafiel said:
Yea, Tflops will look unimpressive on paper (while actual processing power will be very good if Gonzalo really is one of the console APUs), so I think they might instead market the consoles with transistor count, as that is pretty sure to increase ~4x (and is a bit better processing power indicator anyways, but not a flawless one either).

Yup that's true, if we compare it on paper  RX Polaris with 36 CU is around 5 million something,  while RX Navi with 36 CU are more than 10 millions. The problem is the casual people still does not bother and simply don't have clue, but then again PS5 will focus on hardcore gamer thus "the hardcore " gamer probably can easily understand and research it by them self,  because hardcore gamer tend to stick on gaming forum and gaming news often.