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JRPGfan said:

Theres more to real world performance than just the number of Tflops.
These cards have higher IPC (instructions pr clock) than their older gen cards tech.

5700 XT should be abit faster than a 2070 right? (not in all games, but overall)
Im not sure consoles will get that level of performance, but if we do.... holy hell...

Be honest guys, even those PC master race people, how many people here have a Geforce 1080 or better?
plus with consoles and close to metal codeing, you get more bang for the buck,.... PS5  & XB2 are gonna be monsters.

Yes, that's true PS5/Xbox Scarlet will be a beast , but the real evolution is on the CPU side , the GPU will be an OK jump but not that bad , because we already had mid gen refresh it doesn't actually look super impressive, but nonetheless it's impressive. Combine that with low level API, optimization, combination of all spec for single purpose only (gaming) these spec is crazy good , i bet the price will increase this time around 499 USD but of course it's inline with the inflation of price and still considered affordable if you compared to the price of single RTX 2070 GPU.