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So after doing a bit of research on how Navi GPU (RX 5700/5700 XT)  perform, it look like Navi are doing great or good at least from AMD told us so far (we expect less or more slightly on real benchmark very soon)  , and RX 5000 will be far efficient on performance compared to GCN based GPU. So what does this means for the console comparison sake, it means we will get less compute performance (Teraflop number)  but better real world performance on Next Gen Console.

For example Nvidia RTX 2070 with 8 to 9 teraflop are perform better or equal than Vega 64 that run at 12,6 teraflop, but now RTX 2070 were beaten slightly by  RX 5700 or 5700 xt with almost the same compute performance. This means all this new GPU perform better under less teraflop than GCN based GPU like Vega/Polaris etc . 

PS5 are  rumored to be using Navi 10 which is RX 5700/ 5700 XT or slightly better. So probably we will see PS5 run at 2070 level or 1080 slightly better on GPU alone. So expect PS5 or Xbox Scarlet will have 36 to 40 CU or possibly 44 CU if it's using (7 nm EUV) on GPU compute unit and ended up 9 to 10 teraflop, far less than the rumored 12 or even 14 teraflop on pastebin or reddit leak.

But don't forget the early PS5  rumored are based on 2017 to 2018  early leak, so probably the Sony engineer  were using overclock Vega 64 or crossfire for the prototype and  targeting at GCN teraflop number measurement level . So if the comparison between Vega and Navi are true, it means the targeted rumor (it said PS5 will have 12 to 14 teraflop) are actually hit the mark. PS5 will end up at 14 to 15 teraflop if it's using GCN teraflop measurement, but we will see as less teraflop number on Navi between 9 to 10 teraflop RDNA architecture. 

My claim actually in line with the latest leak/rumor,  that the PS5 prototype APU chip supposedly called Gonzalo (according to Tum Apisak and Digital foundry), are performed closely to RTX 2080 on 3D Mark Firestrike benchmark

The score is hidden.
I only see the overall score.
PS4 - Rough score 5000
Gonzalo - score 20000 up

— APISAK (@TUM_APISAK) June 25, 2019

The score number is the total number of combination of CPU and GPU score, it doesn't say about the GPU score, but some people at Reset Era said that even with even with  Intel i9900K and RTX 2070 the total number will likely to hit at 19000 with these benchmark, while PS5 APU is 20000. So if these score are true and PS5 using Ryzen 3700 8 core (Ryzen 3600 score number on these benchmark are better than Intel i9900K ) than PS5 will sit around  GTX 1080/ RTX2070 or slightly more and even closer to RTX 2080. 

So, I am happy if the number is 8, 9 to 10 teraflop,  even though we will get less teraflop but in reality we will get more in real performance than the early rumored suggest.

So tell me what do think about this performance for PS5 and Scarlet, are these performance within on your expectation, or you still insist that even on Navi PS5/Scarlet will still be able to achieve 14 teraflop?  Are you satisfied, or tell me your prediction performance number.