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Mr Puggsly said:

Ya know... gaming is not really my priority. Also, spending more on hardware isn't really gonna have a big impact on me. Gaming has actually gotten cheaper over the years when you talk software prices. In a nutshell, cheap electronics doesn't ease my concerns regarding China.

Your western country probably isn't as inefficient with spending or dealing with a virtually open border like the US. Hence, I'm really not interested in giving more money/power to THIS government. Use you head for a moment, dems are pretty much saying they want open borders and support the idea of free healthcare for illegals. Its not even a debate about free healthcare anymore, I'm opposed to these terrible ideas which would be awful in practice because they wouldn't be able to fund it (i.e. bad healthcare for everyone). Hence, they're making promises you only hope they wouldn't actually attempt.

We certainly take a lot more immigrants that Italy, assuming that's where you're actually from. Which is actually okay, but many people flooding in illegally is hard to defend and I doubt you will attempt to do that.

That "pretty much" right there is doing a TON of heavy lifting, isn't it?
It goes back to the fact that your politics aren't based on what you believe in, but on what someone else has told you to fear.                                                        
For example, you can't actually make an argument against Universal Health Care, something which would undoubtedly benefit you, and that clearly works in plenty of other countries. 
The only thing you can do is to lie about a supposed "Dem plan", to give free health care to illegals, whom you refuse to consider as people, but just a menace.

It's from this place of fear that you also talk about the topic at hand.
Tariffs would hurt console manufacturers, game creators, and you specifically. But that's ok, you have undisclosed "concerns" about China.
No matter that these tariffs were 100% not meant to adress your concerns; China bad, Trump good, so this must work, right?

Somebody has thought you that being afraid and ignorant is an acceptable argument for hurting others and yourself, and you never cared to question it.
It's quite pathetic, really.

P.S. Is it really cool to fake your country here or something? But yeah I'm from Italy, what a weird thing to put into doubt