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useruserB said:

So the guy from Italy which has a 22% Vat tax and 20% sales tax, has an issue with Trump putting down 25% Tariffs on select Chinese goods. Ok good one.

Like I posted earlier, video game hardware
meant for sale in the US willl just be manufactured elsewhere if the tariffs are applied to another 300billion of Chinese imports and/or increased beyond 25%. Look at Nintendo hedging by manufacturing some consoles outside of China. The price won't really be affected.

And who knows if the new tarrifs will even be issued. China is back to negotiating.

Also, if Russia sent 20 million of its poorest/uneducated people to Italy, lowering unskilled labor wages and having a substantial number of them not really assimilate and the Illegal russian aliens sent billions back home to Russia in remittances every year. Then have a major political party start pandering heavily to the illegal Russian aliens promising them everything from healthcare to citizenship etc... I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be pleased with that.

Don't worry, soon enough you'll get your wish and we US people will be paying more for videogames/consoles than you Europeans. That's because it's just a matter of time before the Democrats get their super majority. They'll increase taxes heavily to pay for social programs and their Green New Deal(s). Over here in PA, the state government is already trying to tax videogames("mature games" for now) by 10%.

In Brazil games are considered a sort of gamble game, so 70% taxes.

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