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The Fury said:

So question based on this thread. Do Crowdfunded sales count in stats like these? I mean many people would have already bought the game and asked for it on their prefered platform. When this game was first Crowdfunded, the Switch wasn't even out and the option for your copy to be on Switch wasn't available at the time.

SO... the high sales for Switch version is because many of those who pledged got their copies on other platforms already and don't count in sales.

Still wouldn't expect it to outsell both of them so that's great but just a thought.

It would have a minimal effect.  It has +60K backers and how many were from the UK 10K?  And that 10K is divided by platforms so at best a few thousand copies.  Aren't people just buying it more digital on other consoles would have been a better discussion point =p.  If this accounts digital this is an amazing performance for Switch :).

Last edited by konnichiwa - on 01 July 2019