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Congrats to Switch on the impressive feat.

It looks like a fun game. Will try it some time down the road.

curl-6 said:
twintail said:

Switch has been doing well in the UK for quite some time already.

No reason for the hyperbole

Maybe I just haven't been keeping up with the stats, but what other major countries does it perform worse in? I'm sure there's lots of smaller European countries where its marketshare is worse, but I'm talking countries of significance like Japan, US, UK, Germany, etc.

Of course sales are bigger in the US and Japan but Switch has had a solid performance in the UK for quite some time.

Top markets for Nintendo Switch:
1. NA: 14,010,000 (March 2019)
2. Japan: 8,230,000 (March 2019)
3. France: 2,000,000 (January 2019)
4. UK: 1,400,000 (December 2018) – currently 1,560,000 (VGChartz)
5. Germany: 650,000 (March 2018) – currently 1,260,000 (VGChartz)
6. Spain: 340,000 (January 2018)

Last edited by Replicant - on 01 July 2019