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RolStoppable said:
DonFerrari said:

So you are going to say that it was just me that saw most newspapers putting Trump as "the biggest threat to democracy in USA ever"?

I'm pretty sure they do a risk analysis and decide that the benefit of low cost was higher than the risk of having products copied. But the way that was originally put was like they would rather lose all their IPs than to have higher costs.

You are backpedaling from "every single journalist" to "most newspapers", so you've recognized your hyperbole already. The comparison you drew doesn't work because journalists didn't have close to as much of a consensus as economists.

Of course "every single journalist" is a hyperbole, Fox for example wouldn't be so much against trump as CNN.

But I don't see you attacking the generalization of every economist. Strange that isn't it?

And also have you accepted that most newspapers did put Trump as a menace? Much higher menace than Hillary as well?

EricHiggin said:
DonFerrari said:

There are other cheap places to manufacture electronics, and if they didn't value their IP secrets they wouldn't have patents and protections, sue other companies and whatnot.

Perhaps we receive different news but every one I saw were saying he would trigger it, even more during the threats to NK.

Seems like a very bad thing for USA =p

I dislike taxes a lot, but because of the very high import taxes (that make brazilians pay more for iphones and playstations than anywhere else in the world) Foxconn have manufacturing here for iPhone and Sony+MS for PS4 and X1.

Companies will all look for the cheapest place, but if the tax is applied to all that come to China then "all companies" would leave there for a different place. Prices would rise, but they wouldn't lose competion advantage because all would be affeted.

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