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Mr Puggsly said:
snyps said:
In before "Well who's going to pay for the roads if there's no income tax?!"

Far as I know, Our income tax and social security are used, in collusion with ~20 trillion $$ debt to the Federal Reserve, to fund 20 years of murder and invasion of Middle Eastern Lands. I know I can find a better use with my earnings than to give it to which ever mass murderer happens to be in charge of our military.

A vast majority of the debt is not from war.

Also, the "mass murderer that happens to be in charge of our military" is actually trying to stay out of war because its not really popular among voters. So you got the media criticizing him for not going to war therefore colluding with enemies or whatever, while also pushing the narrative that he's gonna get us in another war which people feel is bad. Gotta love the mental gymnastics people play just to attack someone they hate regardless what is actually happening.

But our income tax and social security are used get loans from the federal reserve, which have been used to kill 1,000,000 middle easterners in just 20 years. Among other things.

The media are the worst propaganda just by how amazingly successful they are at making voters believe the worst lies and support the worst policies. This is what we got.  🤷‍♂️