DOOM Eternal is one of my most anticipated games this year. And since it was announced that a Switch version was on the works at the same time as the other versions, I decided I was gonna buy the game on Switch. Yes, it will be the worst version from a technical perspective. But that is irrelevant if you're in my skin and you spend most of your spare time in a train. Portable gaming is the way to go for me.

Now, I expected the game to be released at the same time as the other platforms. Bethesda announced a release date for the game: November 22. Sweet. However... some stuff happened since E3 that might point to a delay for the Switch version. First, we didn't get to see any gameplay for the Switch version at E3. When it appeared in the software line-up video with Spyro and a bunch of other games, it just showed a pre rendered short scene. The curious thing... is that Wolfenstein Youngblood also appeared on that video... but it actually showed gameplay from the Switch version! And I can confirm it was the Switch because that blurred quality image at 30fps is just the same as early Wolfenstein II on the Switch.

Well, they didn't show gameplay. What else, Vodacixi? Well... some days later, Nintendo released a line up calendar for the Switch for upcoming games to release during 2019 and 2020.

And... surprise surprise, DOOM Eternal is not in it... at all! Not in quarter 4... not even in 2020! Which is very odd, since we already have an official release date for the game itself.

Maybe this is me being paranoid. But I believe DOOM Eternal is gonna be delayed for the Switch until maybe next year. Which would suck, considering it was gonna be one of the few times the Switch could have recieved a big multiplatform title at the same time as the other consoles.

What do you think?