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SvennoJ said:
the-pi-guy said:

No one is giving a China a pass for how they tend to treat workers. They are just dismissing tariffs as a way to combat it.

Tariffs will only make things worse for the cheap labor, got to work even cheaper to beat the tariffs. Consumers and workers will pay the price for those tariffs while Trump can sluice the profits of the extra taxes to the rich.

So you are saying that instead of $3 an hour, China is going to beat these tariffs by paying their workers $2 an hour? Hope you enjoy your $100 saving on your one time console purchase from that slave labor. 

Oh, so Trump is going to tax companies that manufacture and ship from China, and then take that money he got and give it back to those same people?

Wow you sure cracked the case. Better go tell CNN, they would love to blow the lid open on all of this.