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So from what I understand, and read on neogaf, the price for games you "buy" is the same full price as buying say a physical copy.
You need a subscription, to be able to play these games. It runs out, your locked out and have no access to your games.

Thats to say, you pay full price for games, which you in turn dont own.

Then theres the cost of the service.
At 10$+ a month, a 6year console cycle ends up at 6years x 12months x 10$ = 720$.

Most physical consoles, are bought at a lower price than that.
Ontop of this, theres higher demand on your internet.
Plus theres the fact that streaming, introduces compression artifacts, and input lag ect.

So overall your getting a lesser experiance, which ends up costing more than buying a console, and you dont own anything (no re-sell value).

Am I the only one that see's this as horrible value?
Is the option to stream things to your phone worth the trade offs?


Apparently its currently "free" to use at 1080p.  The 10$ pr month was for 4k.
That changes things somewhat.

Last edited by JRPGfan - on 28 June 2019