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the-pi-guy said:
irstupid said:
People love to bash on companies that ship labor overseas for using slave labor basically and yet as soon as it affects them they are no longer humanitarians.

I've heard my whole life growing up how cheap labor is in China and other places and how horrible it is. Now we are celebrating it cause Trump is the one that puts his foot down?

No one is giving a China a pass for how they tend to treat workers. They are just dismissing tariffs as a way to combat it.

How do you fight that then?

Ban Chinese produced products completely?

Convince enough consumers to boycott products made in China?

Seems that raising tariffs enough so that the product costs what it would if it were made in America, so that American companies can compete is the most effective way. The U.S. can't do it alone though, China will just export more to other countries. Other developed countries need to also make a stand and do this. Only then will we all be able to convince China to start paying their workers good wages, at which point tariffs will be removed. 

I don't like raised prices any more than the next person, but video games are a small thing. What the one base price goes up on console. Games should be same, especially with how we are more digital than ever. I'm expecting to see a big hit though on all the board/card games I purchase though. They have been taking advantage of the cheap Chinese for a long time. 

Last edited by irstupid - on 27 June 2019