Ka-pi96 said:
eh, if you make insulting generalisations about groups of people then you should expect to get dropped by your sponsors. That's only fair. If somebody's being a jerk and you want to insult them... then just insult them, there's no need for the generalisations.

People trying to dig up dirt on her just because of that is pretty ridiculous, but unfortunately that's just what happens these days.

This. You can't ask for equal treatment and then cry when you actually get equal treatment, both good and bad. Life's not a buffet where you pick and choose how everyone reacts to you. If someone is being a dick, you ignore them. Especially if it's over the internet where you can easily ignore their post among the flood of positive ones. You sure as heck don't condemn the entire group as being bad.

The sad thing is because the group being generalized is men, you have people who won't care. Just like they bring up the fact that the PR department is all men. That's a bad thing. Where if it was all women and they were firing a man that would be trumpeted as progress. Of course, if she had thrown in just one more descriptor, like black/Asian/Hispanic men (white would be fine, of course), the same group defending her would throw her to the wolves.