curl-6 said:
potato_hamster said:

The DS could run COD if Activision was willing to put the time and effort into distilling that game down into something that can be played on a DS. The point is the amount of effort that takes, and it just not being worth that effort.

Let's put it this way. If it costs significantly more to port a PS4 game to Switch than it does to port it to Xbox one, while at the same time expecting significantly less sales, it becomes very difficult to justify that effort. If a port requires minimal effort than the sales that port needs to have to justify it is much smaller. This is where Nintendo missed the mark.

Porting COD to Switch is much less investment than porting COD from PS3/360 to Wii, yet that was done several times and was profitable.

More demanding games than COD have been ported, so the failure squarely lies with Activision.

source? i think you are very wrong in this, my opionion is that they need a hardware which is max -10% then the next lowest hardware to get the ports from technical stand of view and the next point would be that they need good hardware sales (which they have) to get out small sales from ported games like bf, cod or whatever.

if it would be profitable and possible every publisher would port every game to switch.