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KingofTrolls said:

Yes, the discounts are different on both platforms, because PC is mostly digital, so no problem to link them, meanwhile on consoles there are also retail games discounts, or 2nd hand offerings, this makes it kinda impossible to direct comparisions, simply because your best discount may be a Russian shop offering.

By Steam tax I meant eshop's fee on every sold game, this model is reasonable on console market, but on PC, not feeling it. Also it kinda shots at PC as " open" platform, because there are mandatory clients.

Star Citizen? So far, they got Crytek's lawsuit,pay2win controversy, lmao things like monetized stream ( srsly?),TBA release date, not to even mention Waporware 2016 award. I said the game has its own problems and next gens may arrive earlier than this, both points stand.

Kero? Maybe u mean kerotan? I guess I saw him here like a year ago.

I can still walk into game and see PC physical and even discounts for the digital codes sold there as well. The only core difference there, is that you cannot return said PC game or code, because it's strictly down to the code being used, and ofc, the fact that no retailer holds any trust in anyone not using the key, and returning it to the store, assuming the customer did not use the key. Afaik that has always been a thing for years.

Don't forget that buying second hand may seem like an advantage to you, but not everyone wants to buy games used, and even then, buying second hand doesn't benefit the devs as the retailers get the majority of second hand sale profit. If you don't care about that critical point, then really, you wouldn't be caring about the devs making money. You should want to buy the disc brand new, not used.

Yes, but you're implying or asserting, that Steam tax is the only tax in the entire industry, ignoring the tax the big 3 impose, as well as the costs made for patching said games. On Steam, there is no extra added cost for patching a game, hence why you're seeing games starting out on PC via ea, then being completed and sold later on consoles. Consoles themselves have their own added split and taxes towards devs, not only just Steam, and certainly not the only storefront with a high split either. 

I don't see how it's "reasonable" on the console market, especially with second hand gaming. You're basically excusing any high tax and lack of sales towards devs, but not for the PC market, seems lop sided to me. 

Afaik that lawsuit isn't on-going, but I assume you've only been paying attention to that and the "apparent" P2W rumours. "next gen's may arrive earlier"?.

No, they don't stand, because others have already debunked them beforehand. You just choose not to.

He hasn't even been gone for a year either.