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EricHiggin said:
sethnintendo said:


Unfortunate that this one is going to have to wait until after impeachment, whenever that takes place...

Looks like Democrats are happy enough to just try to oust through elections.  Impeachments take forever and it is only a year and half till elections.  Look how long it took Kenn Starr to investigate Clinton about getting his dick sucked.  Of course he opened up investigations about other dealings with Clintons.  If Clinton's were guilty either  Kenn Starr sucks at investigating or somehow they pulled a fast one.  Trump is whining about being investigated yet Clinton's had just as much or more scrutiny.  Remember stupid Benghazi?  They looked forever yet couldn't come up with shit.  Whatever they did come up with is about as credible as Saddam buying yellow cake uranium from Nigeria.  We all know how that ended.  Pure bs to go into Iraq to finish what GWB Jr thought his daddy didn't with a little backrub from Dick Cheney.  Halliburton no bid contracts awarded to them not because Cheney was former CEO.  It's because they were only private company that could do it right?

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