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Election night 2020 is going to be lit.

I was in North Carolina for a business trip during the 2016 election and watched the results from my hotel room frantically texting back and forth with coworkers and friends. We knew that he was going to poll far better than anyone assumed, however, seeing state after state being called for him made me realize the energy at his rallies I attended wasn't unique to the midwest.

He's going to win again. The Democrats overplayed their hand with everything from Russia to Kavanaugh. They thought acting like him would resonate with voters. But the person they tried (and continue) to emulate is nothing more than a caricature of who trump is and why his supporters continue backing him up. They'll continue to ramp up what they think Trump is and do nothing but alienate voters who would otherwise be open to their positions. All of this, I completely support.

youtube could use another round of talking heads and overly emotional people freaking out at his reelection.